Twin „S“ Xtra

The composite pool in premium quality

The basin body is made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic and has an insulated basin floor made of polyurethane rigid foam with GRP coating. In the walls there are steel reinforcements as well as in the supporting edge for the swimming pool cover. The staircase with five profiled steps on each side allows easy access to the pool. The beach zone and the seating areas between the stairs offer many possibilities for relaxing in different water depths.

A seat step or an Integra 2-13 roller shutter shaft can optionally be installed on the opposite end.


of the Twin „S“ Xtra

Colour & Light

Your pool should be an Xtra eye candy - day and night. This involves many small details that are standard in the Xtra and are coordinated with each other:

The pool colour "light grey" lets the water shine in a fresh natural blue. The treads of the steps are discreetly visible in a darker shade of grey. The covers of the built-in parts are also coordinated in a simple grey shade. Matching the optional granite coping stones.

The Xtra colour light concept ensures unforgettable evening hours at your pool. 2 LED spotlights illuminate the water zone. The positioning next to the inlet nozzles ensures that the water movement is reflected into your garden. The main headlamp illuminates the pool. Using the remote control, you can dim the lighting, select different colours and shades of colour directly, let the lights play and much more. Here, too, the "light grey" pool colour is ideal because, like no other, it allows the coloured light to take effect.

Lounge & Relax

Xtra - seating and lying zones complement the generous swimming area. The first step is designed as a beach zone and allows sitting and lying in shallow water. A massage step with a water depth of approx. 50 cm is the ideal place for the optional underwater jets for back and foot massage. An optional bench opposite the stairs offers plenty of space for sitting.


Salt & Easy

Xtra - Resistant plastic materials allow the use of sodium chloride electrolysis for water disinfection as standard. This facilitates the maintenance of the pool and water.


Clean & Safe

The Xtra pool cover is optional opposite the stairs. The support edge for the swimming pool cover runs on the left and right below the water level and provides a support when the roller shutter is loaded. This brings a good deal of safety to your garden. Above the roller shutter shaft, a foldable bench is mounted. This ensures that inattentive bathers cannot make a wrong step onto the pool cover.

Measurements of the pool

Technical drawing

Price chart



7,50 x 3,20 x 1,50 m

8,50 x 3,20 x 1,50 m

Pool incl. equipment

€ 15.205,–€ 15.955,–

Integrated bench niche opposite the stairs
- not suitable for roller shutter cover


Pool cover Integra 2-13
Integrated in the pool, with a foldable bench in the same colour as the pool, roller shutter slats made of robust PVC, in an insensitive gray. Roller shutter drive with electric motor (safety extra-low voltage), button for installation on the house wall and switch box including 2 propulsion nozzles.


Surcharge for roller shutter cover
Polycarbonat solar, instead of grey


Transport costs
Transport costs within Germany, BeNeLux.


Transport costs
Transport costs within Austria.


All prices in Euro, excl. VAT. Valid until 31-12-2021.
 From May 10, 2021 8% price increase due to the negative consequences of the global pandemic.


Installation parts:

  • 1 wide mouth skimmer without level control - can be positioned left or right - 4 basin inlets
  • 1 jet nozzle opposite the skimmer
  • 1 suction near the pelvic floor

Ambiente - Lighting package consisting of:

  • 2 coloured underwater light spots RGB in the shallow water stage
  • 1 coloured light underwater main headlight RGB under the stairs
  • 1 colour lighting remote control with colour mixer, direct colour selection and dimmer!

All components are made of robust plastic with grey bezels.



Our special vehicles are equipped with a loading crane. With a 1000 kg pool weight, the reach of the crane systems is 13.7 metres.

It is always possible to unload the swimming pools next to the vehicle. In many cases it is not possible to unload the swimming pools directly into the pit if the construction site is difficult to access or if the distance to the pit is too great. In such cases a regional truck crane is necessary.

Please arrange the details with our disposition in advance. In case of doubt, our drivers may be able to visit the construction site in advance in order to assess the unloading possibility.