ReKu entry steps will increase the value of any pool

Composite pool steps for new construction or pool renovations

ReKu prefabricated stairs stand for design, quality and functionality

REKU Pool Steps are exemplary for design, quality and functionality. They are manufactured from high quality epoxy acrylates and fibreglass laminate offering a long pool life. Stylish and durable, they are the ultimate entry into any liner pool. The entry step can now be the focal point of your pool, as swimmers enter the pool the high quality and durability of ReKu pool steps will become obvious. 

REKU entry steps will increase the value of any pool, whether new construction or pool renovations. Non-slip step treads provide security, making the pool steps feel stable and durable. The non-porous, smooth high grip surface of the steps give the luxury feel that customers expect from a quality swimming pool.


Types of stairs

Particularly suitable for:


Construction of new pools „N“

With terminal strip for attaching the prefabricated foil tank. Installation between pool walls with concrete backfill.

All 8 models are available with terminal strip or with PVC welding strip!

New construction or renovation of pools "N+S"

With PVC welding strip for 1.5 mm foil lining. Installation in finished pool corners without concrete backfill.

Universal installation standing in pool water „U“

Suitable for all pool types and surfaces: Foil, tile, metal or plastic.



An overview of our composite pool steps:

Advantages of ReKu steps

Available colours

We recommend using contrasting colours for the steps in foil colour and the basic colour of the staircase, e.g. foil and steps in azure blue and basic staircase in white or foil and steps in silver grey and the basic staircase in granite or vice versa. The slight colour deviations, which can occur in different makes, cancel each other out.

NOTE: Every surface colour loses intensity over time, due to weathering, UV radiation, Influences of water chemistry etc. This is a normal process, but it is more visible with dark colours than with light colours. These colour differences are hardly or not at all visible when the pool is full - at most in the area of the air-water edge. When the pool is empty, however, these appear. These colour differences do not affect the life or durability of the pool in any way and they are not reason for complaint. See also DIN 16582-1 2015 Appendix D “Aesthetic aspects of one-piece GRP pools”.

General Information


The prices in this list only apply to orders received by us before 31-12-2021. If the goods are accepted later, the list prices valid on the day of delivery will be credited. The prices are sales prices without VAT.

Transportation costs

The indicated prices are valid "ex works". The transport costs include freight and insurance up to the trafficable property boundary of the consignee. Special costs, customs and marginal costs, ferry, etc. shall be borne by the consignee. Transport on the property is to be organised by the customer and is also at the expense of the consignee.

Assembly costs

Prices for installation on the construction site are not included in this price list, as these services are performed by a specialist company and invoiced separately. The required installation material is included in the scope of delivery.


Reku CP elements and their accessories are designed for installation in swimming pools or baths that are operated with water from the municipal mains in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance. Brine, mineral and well water are not suitable. The maximum metal load should not exceed the following values:

Iron0,1 mgper liter
Manganese0,05 mgper liter
Ammonium2,0 mgper liter
Polyphosphate0,005 mper liter
Copper0,01 mgper liter
Chlorides300 mgper liter

(when using electric heaters 150 mg/l)

Higher values can cause corrosion on built-in parts and equipment or deposits on the pool walls. The short-term maximum bathing water temperature must not exceed 32° C. Installation must be carried out by trained personnel of a swimming pool construction specialist.

Shipping of the composite pool steps