Now also with shallow water zone „Lounge“ in 1 m and 2 m long


700 / 800 / 745 / 845 / 945

One-piece swimming pool made of epoxy acrylate:

Double-sided 4-stage staircase with a generous swimming area in the centre, built-in wall for the installation of counter swimming and massage systems, pool with 6 degree wall inclination, roller shutter safety edge with integrated steel frame. Basins with 3 cm insulation in the bottom and profiles in the side walls.



Shallow water zone (optional)

Our German sister company brought the first shallow water zone for prefabricated swimming pools onto the market. In fact, the „Lounge“ is an extension of the pool by 1 or 2 meter. In terms of design, however, the 15 centimeter deep shallow water zone creates a completely new living space: an outdoor living area with seating or lounge furniture in the shallow water

Roller shutter systems

„Integra“ (optional)

Thermosafe roller shutter covers are always installed in Reku pools using an underfloor construction.
The roller shutter cover is rolled up below the water level.

More than a visual highlight:

  • Safety for people and animals
  • Protection against dirt and leaves
  • Energy efficiency
  • Elegant look

Roller shutter shafts

Roller shutter cover


Equipment shaft

for filter technology

with a lid made of precious wood or with a GRP lid with a stone structure.

Not available in combination with shallow water zone!



On a white surface, the water lets its pale blue colour glisten in the sun.

Sea blue

The sea blue pool colour makes the water appear lush, this classic is particularly easy to care for.


Sand and soft beaches are the theme here. The pool is equipped with a sand-coloured surface that makes the water surface shimmer in a noble turquoise.


The pool colour papyrus lets the pool surface take a back seat and is particularly easy to care for. The water radiates a stronger blue because it does not radiate as strongly as white.

Silver grey

The pool colour silver grey makes the water appear strong, gives a lot of depth and is particularly easy to care for. The water shines brightly blue.

Granolite stonegrey

The pool colour Granolite stonegrey impresses with the real natural stone look. In connection with a natural stone paving around the pool, the system looks like it has been cast from a single source.

Colour combinations

The colour of the steps can be the same or optically contrasting with the pool colour. This makes it easier to recognise the steps for safe access.


Pool colourWhiteSea blueSandPapyrusSilver greyGranolith stonegrey
Step colour

white (03)
sea blue (01)
papyrus (17)
sand (11)

sea blue (04)
white (02)

sand (13)
white (12)

papyrus (19)
silver grey (20)
white (18)

silver grey (22)
papyrus (21)
white (24)

granolith stonegrey (40)



Hard foam insulation 3 cm in the floor, foam struts in the side walls, pool body in all colour combinations and also with colour-contrasting steps, with complete equipment package or cut-out set for your built-in parts and also available with Integra roller shutter cover.


Pool with the same equipment options as „Standard“, but fully insulated with PU foam 3 cm in the floor and 2 cm in the walls.

Glass mosaic

Glass mosaic on the upper air-water edge: Very chic and easy to clean.

Glass mosaic 20 cm high, above the edge of the roller shutter.


Equipment package

Made of stainless steel or plastic

  • 1 skimmer with water level controller
  • 2 inlet jets
  • 1 low level wall suction fitting
  • 1 bottom outlet sump with cover
  • 1 underwater light, LED warm white with transformer

Stainless steel, polished (see picture)


Multiple versions.

Model Marina (see picture)

Coping stones

2 versions in grey granite:

  • 50 x 35 x 4 cm, rounded on the pool side
  • 60 x 60 x 6/3 cm, with nose, incl. cutout for GRP skimmer and capstone


Our special vehicles are equipped with a loading crane. With a 1000 kg pool weight, the reach of the crane systems is 13.7 metres.

It is always possible to unload the swimming pools next to the vehicle. In many cases it is not possible to unload the swimming pools directly into the pit if the construction site is difficult to access or if the distance to the pit is too great. In such cases a regional truck crane is necessary.

Please arrange the details with our disposition in advance. In case of doubt, our drivers may be able to visit the construction site in advance in order to assess the unloading possibility.