COMFORT 150 „left+right“

Stairs especially suitable for new construction or renovation („N+S“)

The model "Comfort 150 left + right" is a 5-stage staircase which can be installed in your newly built swimming pool and can be used for renovations. This model can also be mounted on the existing foil at any time. A 20 cm wide foil strip is then glued to the existing pool foil and the PVC terminal strip for sealing (see picture on the left). It is inserted into the pool corner without concrete backfill. It can be installed on the left or right side. When ordering, please indicate which version you would like to have installed.

With these stairs the kerbstone runs straight through the stairs and should protrude approx. 3 cm in front "water surge".


Art. No.: T Com150“N“CL

Price schedule

Colour: white (03)€ 1.874,–
              sea blue (04), sand (13)1.968,–
              azure blue (07), silver grey (22), granite (37)2.090,–
Steps in contrasting colour162,–
Handrail Marina, polished, per pieceArt. No.: A 2303100437,–
Packed in a shrink film, one way pallet netP Com150 CL L/R29,–
Freight costs, per pieceon request
Delivery to the private customer is not possible!


Dimensions L x W x D: 1500 mm x 600 mm x 1510 mm
Transport weight: 98 kg
Recommendation for coping stones: miter cut 45° on site

All prices in Euro, excl. VAT. Valid until 31-12-2021.
 From May 10, 2021 8% price increase due to the negative consequences of the global pandemic.