Eleganz 80 "U"

Stairs particularly suitable for universal installation (“U”)

The following two versions of the model Eleganz 80 "U" are independent of the surface, they stand in the pool water and are suitable for all pool types - whether foil, concrete with tile, metal or plastic. They can also be retrofitted into finished pools.

All stairs have built-in weights to prevent floating. Mounting material and instructions are included.

Art. No.: Ele80 “U“ CL ..

Stair details

Price schedule

(version "short")
(version "long")
Colour: white (03)€ 1.960,–€ 2.280,–
              sea blue (04), sand (13)2.058,–2.394,–
              azure blue (07), silver grey (22), granite (37)2.185,–2.542,–
Steps in contrasting colour162,–162,–
Wall anchor V4A for Eleganz 60 + 80 shortArt. No.: Z Kon022 Eis98,––    
Handrail Marina, polished, per pieceArt. No.: A 2303100437,–437,–
Handrail Eleganz made of round tube, laterally mounted, polished, per pieceArt. No.: A 2303115543,–543,–
Handrail Universal Upper part, polished, per pieceArt. Nr.: A 2300010546,–546,–
Handrail Universal Lower part 80, laterally mounted, polished, per pieceArt. No.: A 2303110316,–316,–
Cardboard packaging with wooden pallet for further shipmentArt. No.: Pak Ele080CL33,–33,–
Freight costs, per pieceon requeston request
Delivery to the private customer is possible!


"K")   Dimensions L x W x D: 800 x 1.300 mm     Transport weight: 95 kg

"L")   Dimensions L x W x D: 800 x 1.580 mm     Transport weight: 117 kg

All prices in Euro, excl. VAT. Valid until 31-12-2021