Handrails made of V4A

Handrails are advantageous for entering a pool; in addition to the structured and non-slip steps of the Reku steps, they offer a light to perfect entry aid. They are attached to the edge of the pool or to the access stairs.

Attention the step width and depth for Eleganz 60 & 80 are different, therefore the handrails Universal lower part as well as small and large temples have different dimensions.

The Universal handrails upper and lower part are especially suitable for floating covers. The Universal upper part can also be mounted on the upper platform with Eleganz 60 & 80.

Handrail Marina

small and big for all types of stairs

L x H: 82½ x 60 cm
Art. No.: A 2303100
Price: € 437,–

L x H: 100 x 85 cm
Art. No.: A 2303110
Price: € 501,–

Handrail Universal Upper part

for all types of stairs

Art. No.: A 2300010
Price: € 546,–


Handrail Universal lower part

for Eleganz 60 K + L or 80 K + L

Eleganz 60:

Art. No.: A 2303105
Price: € 291,–

Eleganz 80:

Art. No.: A 2303110
Price: € 316,–

Handrail small and large handle one-piece

for Eleganz 60 K + L or 80 K + L

Handrail Eleganz 60 for lateral mounting:

Art. No.: A 2303111
Price: € 521,–

Handrail Eleganz 80 for lateral mounting:

Art. No.: A 2303115
Price: € 543,–


All prices in Euro, excl. VAT. Valid until 31-12-2021.
 From May 10, 2021 8% price increase due to the negative consequences of the global pandemic.

Application examples