Ravenna Eck

Intermediate - Wall - Mounting Stairs

The "Ravenna Eck 200x200" corner staircase consists of 4 steps of which the second step provides plenty of space for sitting. This staircase is available with a screw-on terminal strip for foil pools or with a PVC terminal strip for gluing in 1.5 mm thick foil.


Art. No.: T Rav200x200“N“CL.. KL (terminal strip)
                 T Rav200x200 “N“CL.. PL (PVC terminal strip)

Price schedule

Colour: white (03)€ 3.081,–
              sea blue (04), sand (13)3.293,–
              azure blue (07), silver grey (22), granite (30)3.477,–
Steps in contrasting colour133,–
Handrail Universal Upper part, per pieceArt. No.: A 2300010533,–
Packed in a shrink film, one way pallet netP Rav2x2 CL64,–
Freight costs, per pieceon request
Delivery to the private customer is not possible!


Dimensions L x W x D: 2.000 x 2.000 x 1.510mm 
Transport weight: 140 kg
Recommendation for coping stones: straight stones, flat along the stairs

All prices in Euro, excl. VAT.