Maris 250 "N"

The Step-ends have to be installed between the pool walls and then to be levelled from behind and backfilled with concrete.

With clamping flange for attaching the prefabricated foil tank. Installation between pool walls with concrete backfill. Nine models available.


Art. No.: T Mar250CL .. KL (terminal strip)
                 T Mar250CL .. PL (PVC terminal strip)

Price schedule

Colour: white (03)€ 2.627,–
              sea blue (04), sand (13)2.725,–
              azure blue (07), silver grey (22), granite (30)2.864,–
Steps in contrasting colour185,–
Handrail Marina, polished, per pieceArt. No.:A 2303100426,–
Packed in a shrink film, one way pallet netP Mar250 CL31,–
Transport to commercial warehouse, per item118,–
Freight costs, per pieceon request
Delivery to the private customer is not possible!


Dimensions L x W x D: 1.080 x 2.500 x 1.500mm
Transport weight: 111 kg 
Recommendation for coping stones: miter cut 45° on site

All prices in Euro, excl. VAT.