Panel Pools system construction

The panels are assembled into a complete swimming pool in just a few hours.

REKU Panel-Pools combine the flexibility of PVC-lined swimming pools with the advantages of one-piece polyester swimming pools. The panels are assembled within a few hours on the on-site concrete slab into a complete swimming pool and then lined with PVC foil.

The pool can be used within a few days.

The pool set is supplied on a flat wooden pallet together with the staircase of your choice. The maximum panel length is 3 m.

Example: Swimming pool measuring 7 m x 3 m (incl. stairs) consists of 6 panels, 3 metres long, of stairs Kanto 300, also 3 metres long. The complete commission is delivered on a pallet 3 m x 1.5 m x 1.9 m high.

The panels are single-walled with reinforcing profiles at a distance of 50 cm backwards and are 1.5 m high. The REKU-Staircases, the REKU technology shafts for the installation of countercurrent systems, underwater spotlights, as well as complete filters and skimmers, such as the universal shaft, are perfectly suitable for an ideal combination.

The panel pool is also available in an insulated version with 3 cm or 6 cm PU hard foam insulation at an extra charge.

An adjustable support is delivered with each wall flange so that you can adjust the panels vertically and precisely during installation.

The swimming pool wall is angled all around 10 cm, left and right with flange for bolting and below with flange for fastening to the concrete slab provided by the customer. The bolting material is included in the scope of delivery.

Installation parts such as skimmers, nozzles, counter-current systems and underwater floodlights are easy to install onto the walls. Bores and cut-outs can be drilled at the factory for an extra charge.

The upper edge is 10 cm wide and is intended for mounting Biese fixings for foil tanks or foil sheets for fixing PVC linings. The edge is then covered with a kerbstone.


Wall panel for skimmer pools

Single walled with reinforcement profile (per running metre)

€ 390,–
Double-walled with 30 mm PU insulated (per running metre)484,–
Double-walled with 60 mm PU insulated (per running metre)564,
Panel with attached technology shaft, 1 m wide (for installation of counterflow system or headlights, 2 sockets for supply air and return air pipes)1.013,–
Foil packaging with wooden pallet50,–
Freight costs for the complete commission
(Transport to swimming pool specialist dealers within Germany)


All prices in Euro, excl. VAT.